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Personalised Medicine

28. April 2015 in Bonn


Prof. Dr. Karl Broich
Prof. Dr. Karl Broich
Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Granzer
Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Granzer


Dienstag, 28. April 2015 | 10.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr Termin in den eigenen Kalender übertragen


Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn
Ahrstraße 45, 53175 Bonn
Tel.: 0228 - 30 20

  • Programmvorschau Änderungen vorbehalten
    10.00 a.m. I. Definition: What is personalized medicine?
    • Causes of the diseases
    • How to get to a new therapy
    • Two ways of looking into it, industry and authority
      Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Bieber, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
    10.45 a.m. Coffee break
    11.15 a.m. II. Orphans and Ultra Orphans, why are they special and how to register individualized medicinal products? 
    • Legal framework
    • Is there a regulatory need for registration?
    • Which route can be followed?
    • Examples
    • Options for development
    • EU in the lead?
      Dr. Ulrich Granzer, Granzer Consulting
    12.15 a.m. III. Registration of Ultra Orphans
    • Challenges and Issues
    • Data quality
    • Disease areas
      Dr. Frauke Naumann-Winter, BfArM and COMP
    13.00 p.m. Lunch break
    2.00 p.m. IV. Orphan drug development and Biotech – how to survive it 
    • SME incentives and support to development
      Dr. Constantinos Ziogas, Head of SME office EMA 
    2.45 p.m. V. Pharmacogenomics in personalised medicine – targeting the right patient 
      Dr. Catharina Scholl, BfArM 
    3.30 p.m. Coffee break
    4.00 p.m. VI. Current Status and Potentials of Personalised Medicine 
      Dr. Harpreet Singh, immatics biotechnologies GmbH 
    4.45 p.m. VII. Concluding discussion of the panel 
      all speakers and participations 
    ca. 5.00 p.m. End

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    up to one week before the first day of the conference (21-April-15): 50% of fee;
    late cancellations: full conference fee if a substitute participant (DGRA member) cannot be put forward.
    In the event of cancellation by the organizer, any fees already paid will be fully reimbursed

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