German Society for Regulatory Affairs (DGRA)

Becoming a member

Membership eligiblity
A membership application can be made by private persons (natural members) or companies (juridical entities).

The membership fee is € 110 for private persons and € 1,500 for companies. Membership can be canceled by giving three months’ notice prior to the end of the year. Otherwise the membership extends automatically.

DGRA members enjoy the following benefits:


  • Workshops exclusively for DGRA members.
  • Attendance at winter and summer schools.
  • Reduced attendance fee for annual conferences.

Membership benefits:

  • Access (via password) to the DGRA’s Intranet.
  • Discuss with other members and post job offers in a forum.
  • Publish papers and details of events on the newsboard.
  • Extensive access to membership database including search functions.
  • Easy address change.
  • Registration forms for events.
  • Access to the documents of speakers at DGRA workshops.
  • Access to teaching material for the course leading to a Master of Drug Regulatory Affairs.

dgra-aktuell (members’ journal):

  • Name added to journal distribution list

Additional perks for company members:

  • Company members have the option to publish job ads on our website free of charge.
  • Membership fee deducted from study fees if the company sends employees on MDRA course.
  • A company can register several people for attendance at DGRA events.

Membership for companies

Membership for private persons

Articles of Association